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The director of the Visual Arts Center art field met the Palestinian ambassador

the special prize of the "Palestine is not alone" competition was awarded to Gaza artist

Date : 2021/5/31

During the meeting of the Director of the Visual Arts Center of the Art field of Islamic Revolution Art field with the Palestinian Ambassador in Iran, the special prize of the "Palestine is not alone" competition was awarded to "Hanin Al-Amsi", a Palestinian artist.

 Ms. Al-Amsi won the "Special Prize" in this international competition, as the Gaza artist could have not been present in Iran, the prize will be awarded to her in cooperation with the Palestinian Embassy.

In the meeting, Massoud Shojaei Tabatabai, director of the Visual Arts Center of the Art field and the secretary of the international competition "Palestine is not alone", said that “one of the important issues that are constantly pursued by the Arts field of Islamic Revolution is the occupation of Palestine by the fake regime of Zionist and supporting of the oppressed people of Palestine”.

 "The art field has held various cultural and artistic competitions and events to accompany and support the oppressed people of Palestine, where prominent artists from different countries of the world have participated in these competitions and events because of Palestine′s prestigious position among Iranian and the artists from all over the world, he added.

"Artists from 66 countries participated in this competition, more than 2,500 works were sent to the festival as a result and the judges were among well-known Iranian artists and 4 countries” The secretary of the International Cartoon and Caricature Competition "Palestine is not Alone" added.


“Publishing a selection of works from this competition and holding a face-to-face exhibition in three halls of the Arts field and a virtual exhibition on the "Iran Cartoon" website was one of the significant activities after finishing the competition, which was welcomed by enthusiasts. So, up until June 28, more than 400,000 visits were for the Iran Cartoon site, the director of the Visual Arts Center added.


In continue, he expressed that one of the topics was "During World War II, the causes of the war were clear, why the land of the same perpetrators was not given to the Zionist regime and Palestine was occupied? "This is an important question that the artists answered with the language of art and the very outstanding works were produced in this regard. Another part of the competition went back to compromisers and compromising regimes, in which we reached many works from different countries”, he added.

Following the meeting, the Secretary of the International Poster, Cartoon and Caricature Competition "Palestine is Not Alone" awarded the prize of Ms. Hanin Al-Amsi - Gaza artist - who won in the special competition section, including a statuette, a plaque, and a special prize. He sent it to the Palestinian embassy in Iran to send to Gaza and donate to a Palestinian artist.

Thanks to the support of the arts and free artists

Salah Zawawi - Palestinian Ambassador in Iran also thanked the support of the art field and Iranian artists and free artists from all over the world and said: “It is a matter of pride that committed artists using the art to address the issue of Palestine and support the goal of Palestinian liberation.”

"We are happy that Ms. Hanin Al-Amsi has been selected as a female artist from Gaza in this competition and we will try to deliver the award to her as soon as possible", he added