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about us

In the name of God


Iran country has a huge amount to offer in way of modern and contemporary art. Located across the capital are several wonderful galleries and cultural centers that are well worth the visit for anybody interested in arts and culture. Here we would explain about one of the most active institute called "Sepehr Sooreh Honar". Let’s follow us.

"Sepehr Sooreh Honar" is an official artistic and cultural institute in the Islamic Republic of Iran which acts under the supervision of Hoze-Honari of the Islamic Development Organization in various cultural fields such as holding national and international festivals, seminars and conferences, and different artistic exhibitions, producing and distributing music albums and involving in making documentary and fictional films.

Using a 10-year experience, the Institute has engaged the professional experts to hold and to produce the best programs and cultural-artistic works.

This institute also holds on the average 15 national and international festivals annually, as well as numerous cultural and literary sessions and art exhibitions monthly.

The major capacities and capabilities of "Sepehr Sooreh Honar" Institute are concluded in the below:

1           Capabilities:

1.1         creation of content and artworks:

In literature, cinema, visual arts, performing arts, music, etc.  including:

  • film, music album, painting works, cartoon, caricature, sculpture, calligraphy, poster, photo, theater and…
  • Providing equipment and places for cultural and artistic events
  • Holding Exhibition and unveiling the cultural and artistic productions
  • Displaying and rendering short and long movies, animations and documentary to accredited national and international festival
  • Holding a film-week with the presence of related agents and cultural activists and authorities
  • Facilitating the conditions of publishing books such as novel or collection of poetry and story, and articles
  • Holding nationally and internationally literary sessions such as the unveiling ceremony of newly published books.


1.2         Training

Sepehr Sooreh Honar Institute has set up workshops and training courses to facilitate the conditions of art education for the public through the establishment of the "Mehr School"(Honar Rastin School). This art school holds the following courses for interested ones:

Performing arts, Translation, Basics and Secrets of Comic Process, Pop Singing, Persian Songs, Anthem preceptorship, telling the Story, Poster Design, Comic Strip, Acting, Poetry Music, Painting, Photography, Typography, Calligraphy, Sculpture, Miniature and …


1.3         Organizing cultural and artistic sessions and festivals (national and international)


1.3.1        National held festival and events

  • 100-Second Films International Festival (12 Courses)
  • International Festival of Revolutionary Poetry and Story (11 courses)
  • National Festival of Sooreh Poetry (16 courses)
  • National Festival of Visual Arts of Youth (7 courses)
  • National Festival of Sooreh Theater (25 courses)
  • National Festival of Sooreh Comedy (9 courses)
  • National Mourning for Ashura Artworks (11 courses)


1.3.2        Holding or attending in international festivals and events

  • Holding Exhibition of Ashura posters in Karbala and Najaf
  • Presenting the selected works of 100-second International Film Festival in Kuwait
  • Presenting the selected works of 100-second International Film Festival in Lebanon
  • Attending the Cannes Film festival
  • Attending the Berlin Film festival
  • Attending the Belarus Cpm Film festival
  • Attending the Danish 60-second Film Festival
  • Attending the Pakistan 60-second Film Festival
  • Attending the Dubai Film Festival
  • Attending the Azerbaijan Smart Film Festival
  • Radio and Television programming and producing
  • Preparing the audio and visual contents including podcasts, videos, announcements, teasers, web applications
  • Preparing news contents including news, reporting, interviewing, criticism and note-taking
  • Launching and publishing newsletters and analytical journals
  • Facilitating to provide environmental and urban advertising in cultural and artistic affairs

2           Capacities

2.1         Media and advertising


2.2         Available Places

  • Halls: Andisheh Hall (700 seats), Sooreh Hall (400 seats), Fardi Hall (75 seats), Salman Harati Hall(35 seats), Avesta Hall (54 seats)
  • Theatre Halls: Mehr Theatre Hall (132 seats), Maah Theatre Hall (50 seats)
  • Galleries: Abolfazl Aali Gallery (45 Artwork-70*50), Photographers House Gallery No.1 (80 artwork-80*50), Photographers House Gallery No. 2 (80 artwork-80*50),
  • Mosque: Ayatollah Khamenei Mosque (capacity: 300 prayers)
  • Restaurant: Capacity for 500 persons (320 men, 180 women)
  • Parking: 180 cars
  • “Sepehr Sooreh Honar" Institute has been able to attract 13580 artists in various fields of art, culture, literature, etc. since now. The professors of these fields collaborate with each institution separately.

2.3         Associated artists


  • Visual: (illustration, volume, photo, drawing, painting, caricature, poster, and video art): 80 masters
  • Poetry: (Classical, Modern, Child and Adolescent): 88 masters
  • Song: 13 masters
  • Research: 15 masters
  • Story (short and novel): 48 masters
  • Comic (plays, photos, short stories, poetry, caricature, and prose): 66 masters
  • Movie: 35 artists
  • Theater: 66 artists

2.4         Human Resources

"Sepehr Sooreh Honar" Institute has a comprehensive collection of artwork production, media and news, and executive teams.