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The Rooyesh(Growth) Religious Short Film Festival

The Rooyesh(Growth) Religious Short Film Festival

The Religious Short Film Festival of Rooyesh is an important cinematic event of the art section, discovering the latest talent in producing short film based on ethical, Iranian and Islamic lifestyle articles through Sepehr Soore Honar Institute holdings in Tehran and sometimes in other cities such as holy Mashhad.

This festival provides a space for recognition of religious cinema capacity at national and international levels to prepare filmmakers for introducing themselves which their productions promote religion, morals, hope and nobility, and Islamic-Iranian lifestyle concepts. Additionally, it is an arena in which motivating and inspiring young filmmakers and pioneers in Iran professional cinema.

The festival is held annually at the beginning of each Christian year.

The Sections of Rooyesh Religious Short Film Festival

The Main Parts: 

1.National Part: This part of the competition is dedicated to displaying internally fictional, documentary and animation work based on festival purpose.

  1. The Novice Rooyesh Part: This part of the competition is dedicated to displaying short religious fictional, documentary and animation works of young filmmakers(Beginners)



The Peripheral Parts :

1.Proficiency Workshops: This part is dedicated to analyzing short and full-length selected works belonging to three last decades of Cinema of Iran which have decomposable religious literature from conceptually and structurally points of view.

2.New Vision: It arranges specialized meetings, considering the relation between religion and cinema approaches with the presence of filmmakers, experts, academics, and pundits.

  1. Special Show and International Section:

This part would address the following activity:

  • Review of short religious works of a country or geographical region from the beginning of 21st century until now
  • Commemoration of one global Cineaste with showing her/his works
  • Showing dominant and valuable cinematic productions based on religious and ritual attitudes
  • Introducing global Muslim and religious filmmaker’s productions


(Point: Recalls of International part, available for external filmmakers participants will be on this website and other mass media, on prescribed time, to keep you inform)