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"Literary Prize of Ilam "Golden Oak

Literary Prize of Ilam "Golden Oak"

literary prize of Ilam entitled ‘Golden Oak’ is one of the literary events in which Sepehr Soore Honar attempt at holding in cooperating with The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Ilam.

The literary prize is rewarded in order to support fine religious and ritual production, highlight the bravery of the commanders and martyrs combatant and notably introduce the key role of Ilam in the sacred defense and unparalleled resistance of the heroic people.


Four sections of the Ilam Literary Prize include:

  • Sacred Defense Memories (Writing / Editing)
  • Long story and religious novel
  • Ritual poetry(Persian)
  • Ritual Poetry (South Kurdish, Luri, Laki)

Although all poetry and fiction formats are accepted at the festival, the productions have to be South Kurdish, Lori and Laki local dialects.In addition to awarding cash prizes to the best works, they are published under festival support.