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The Exhibition and Print the Photo-Book of Sura al-Ikhlas

The Exhibition and Print the Photo-Book of  Sura al-Ikhlas

The wars ruin humanity′s homeland, being one of the first whisperings of life on this earth. The war between the two neighboring countries of Iran and Iraq was one of the long wars that resulted in painful catastrophes.

The news of discovering as many as 175 bodies of martyr divers who were killed with their hands tied in the grave category in 2006 was so painful that it resulted in different affairs in Iran’s culture and art.

Sepehr Soore Honar Institute, with a brilliant reputation for organizing festivals and celebrations, had been entrusted with holding Sura al-Ikhlas exhibition.

Exhibitions and printing photo-books associated with these martyrs′ funeral and burial ceremonies prompt this important and epic event to be documented.

Artworks were exhibited and published in a book format, available for the public.