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Soore National Theater Festival for Children and adolescents

Soore National Theater Festival for Children and adolescents

The festival is aimed to develop children′s and adolescents’ talent in theater and impress children with an effective and dynamic theater language. Sepehr Soore Honar Institute is proud to host this art festival annually.

The festival′s subjects are as follows:

  • The Quran and the Innocent Imams’ Manner
  • Wisdom and philosophy (such as teaching skills and traits like ′thinking′, ′independence ′ and ′philosophy′, to children, promoting thought-based rather than memory-based training)
  • Social ethics: (such as teaching positive ethical traits to children and adolescents, encouraging children and adolescents to avoid negative moral traits, examining the social hurt consequences (divorce, drugs, corruption, crime, etc.), reforming the family structure, and Population decline and its impact on the children and adolescents ‘lives)
  • Lifestyle: (such as introducing appropriate native coverage to children and adolescent audiences, puberty in adolescent, introducing proper socializing to children and adolescents, promoting reading habits from early childhood, promoting child and adolescent to participate in mosques and religious communities, identifying Implications of promoting non -native Lifestyle indirectly through Learning Foreign Languages)
  • Games, sports and entertainment: (such as promoting traditional games and native sports for children and adolescents, exploring the effects of modern media, the influence of digital games and non-native toys on the mind and behavior of children and adolescents)
  • Science and Technology: (such as native achievements in the science production arena, technologies, and Introducing the scientific elites)
  • Persian attempts: (Promoting correct use of Persian vocabulary and grammar, addressing the problem when children and adolescents use Latin script for Persian writing or Western words in everyday speech)


The Peripheral Part

In the Peripheral part, innovative works are discussed and displayed for children and adolescents (such as taziyah(passion play), narration, creative theater, home theater set up with family members, short plays by young kids acting, functional plays)


All the selected works of the festival in related subjects are allowed to perform publicly in Tehran.

Other theaters in foreign languages could be translated as they have a permit to participate.

The best acting, decoration, and cloths designing, music and also lighting are likely to get valuable prizes.