The director of the Visual Arts Center art field met the Palestinian ambassador

the special prize of the "Palestine is not alone" competition was awarded to Gaza artist

During the meeting of the Director of the Visual Arts Center of the Art field of Islamic Revolution Art field with the Palestinian Ambassador in Iran, the special prize of the "Palestine is not alone" competition was awarded to "Hanin Al-Amsi", a Palestinian artist.  Ms. Al-Amsi won the "Special Prize" in this international competition, as the Gaza artist could have not...

The closing ceremony and the introduction of the winners of the -Palestinian Is Not alon- contest

In the category of introducing the winners of this competition, the first prize in the cartoon category was given to Hecabi Demirci from Turkey, the first prize in the cartoon category given to Payam Vafatbar from Iran, and the first prize in the poster category given to Pouya Sarabi from Iran. The second and third prizes in each category were given to Colombian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Iranian artists.

  The finalists of the International Poster, Cartoon, and Caricature Competition "Palestine is Not Alone" were held in a ceremony attended by Iranian and foreign winners on Thursday evening, May 6, at the Islamic Revolution Art Center in Tehran. "Two coordinated and almost simultaneous events took place in an organized manner last year, which led us to decide about holding this competition....

Officials and ambassadors of some countries in Tehran visit the exhibition of the -Palestine Is Not Alone- contest.

"The presence of artists from more than 66 countries in the exhibition" Palestine Is Not Alone "shows an inspiring action and sends a message to the world that Palestine is not alone, and God willing, the rights of the oppressed people of Palestine will be restored”, stated Mohammad Mehdi Dadman, Head of the Arts Center while saying welcome to the guests of the program.

  On the eve of Al-Quds Day and due to announcing solidarity with the Palestinian people, the ceremony of visiting the works of the International Cartoon, Caricature and Poster Competition "Palestine Is Not Alone" was held on  May 5, attended by Ali Bagheri, Secretary of the Judiciary Human Rights Headquarters, Ambassadors of Syria, Indonesian Ambassador to Venezuela , the Deputy Ambassador of Palestine and...