Revolution Poetry and Story Festival

Revolution Poetry and Story Festival

 In the review of preservation and promotion of literary achievements as well as the discovery of top talents, the art section holds Revolution Poetry and Story Festival. This event is a literary arena of the well-known professional poets and writers’ activities who tent to have resistance attitudes. The festival will become twelve years old in the spring of 2020.“Sepehr Soore Honar Institute” was assigned to run this literary event due to its dedicated and responsible companionship. The pivot of the festival contains two literary formats: poetry and story, and the conditions for acceptance are as follows:

1- Poetry Section:

Poetry Formats: (participating in with a Poetry Book or ODE)

A: Classical Poetry

B: Modern and Nimai  Poetry

C: Child and Adolescent Poetry


Subject Themes of the Poetry Section:

  1. Justice and Humanity

2- The Unity of Islamic Community

  1. National Sublimity

4- Ethics and Religious Studies

5- The Islamic Revolution Discourse

6-Resistance (Approaches such as Anti-Oppression, Fight against Global Arrogant)


2- Story Section:

Stories Types

A: Novel (Adult- Child, and Adolescent)

B: Short Story (Adult- Child, and Adolescent)

The Subject of Story Section:

The Issues and Events in Modern History of Iran in the last 40 years

Key points:

  • The calendar for the festival is established April of every year
  • The Festival rewards the winner with great prizes and publishing the selected works in Soore Mehr as well.