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“Young Art” Visual Arts Festival

“Young Art” Visual Arts Festival

“Young Art” Visual Arts Festival is one of the most important events in the visual arena in Iran, in which the art section has entrusted the Sepehr Soore Honar Institute to hold.

This festival was aimed at introducing and encouraging gifted young artists, providing a good foundation for youth art activities, recognizing the values of contemporary and Islamic art in

artists′ works, bringing about the new perspective and creating the right conditions for organizing and supporting young artists.

Visual Arts Festival of “Young Art” consists of 6 disciplines: Design, Poster, Poster Typography, Cartoon, and Caricature, Photo, Illustration, Paper and Research, the subject is determined for competent from these items match today social, economic, political, cultural and artistic conditions.

The national achievements are shown in a wide exhibition of judged and accepted works in every Winter. Obviously, the winners are rewarded with great prizes.