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Ashura Art Elegy / the fourteenth


 Call for the 14th Ashura Art Elegy


Hoze Honari holds the 14th Ashura Art Elegy to manifest the artists′ respect for the sacred realm of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and the dear martyrs of Karbala.



  • Elegy sections:

      A: International

      B: National  


  • International section:
  • Poster design


  • Subjects:

   1- Arbaʽein Hosseini: The bond of Shiites and the reappearance of the Savior.

   2- Arbaʽein Hosseini: continuity of generations, Hosseini family.

   3- Arbaʽein Hosseini: the embodiment of love, sacrifice, and leniency.

   4- Arbaʽein Hosseini: Solidarity of the Muslim Nation.


  • General regulations for submitting work:
  1. For registration, completing the participation form, and receiving the tracking code, refer to
  2. All the works are uploaded files in the first stage of arbitration, and the original will be sent to the secretariat in the second stage of arbitration after the contact.
  3. The sent images should be designed only for this Elegy.
  4. The artist is responsible for the outcomes of using images or ideas of other artists and not observing the author′s right (copyright).
  5. The secretariat is allowed to use the submitted works for exhibition, advertising, and publication affairs in any way. Sending the work to the Elegy means accepting this principle.


  • Rewards:

o Elegy statue, diploma of honor, and the sum of IRR 150,000,000 to the first winner of each section.

o Diploma of honor and the sum of IRR 100,000,000 to the second winner of each section.

o Diploma of honor and the sum of IRR 70,000,000 to the third winner of each section.


  • Calendar:

The deadline for submitting the works to the secretariat: october 17, 2022

Opening the exhibition and introduction of the selected works: november, 2022


  • The Secretariat’s Address: Central Secretariat of Art Festivals, Next to Sooreh Hall, Negative 1st Floor, Hoze Honari, before Hafez Street,
  • Tehran, Tel: +9821-91088717